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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • Tendon release/reconstruction

“My husband who suffers from Anoxic Brain Injury has had severe contractures in both the right and left wrist/fingers as well as the right bicep. Dr. Young treated each area individually, which was in the best interest of my husband due to he can not tolerate being under anesthesia for very long. The decision to do the first surgery was a hard decision because my husband can not talk/walk or communicate his desires. I knew that the contractures were taking over his upper extremities and I had to do something. Dr. Young was very informational about the procedures, walked me through each step that would be performed on surgery days. Throughout each individual surgery Dr. Young was very supportive, professional and a friend that we needed! His team of staff and therapy dept. is very friendly and prompt! Another huge benefit is he has therapy on site and all our needs are met in one appointment. Corey can wear normal shirts, he looks normal again, the discomfort is gone and it has improved the skin integrity greatly. Thank you, Dr. Young!!!! Anna and Corey”

jack mcconnell

  • hand surgery

“I had hand surgery performed by Dr. J. .Jones. Every aspect of the surgery was explained as well as the recovery, rehab time and what rate of success I should achieve. The surgery and rehab was very sucessful. The rehab was done at the doctor's office just next door. The rehab personnel were in constant contact with Dr. Jones. This is very conveinent for his patient . I would recommend Dr. Jones and his staff for any surgeries in his related fields. I have completely recovered with minimal loss of function to my hand. ”


  • Right wrist fracture

“I had an open reduction internal fixation of my right distal radius done by Dr. Fadell and my wrist is great! It is as if I never broke my wrist to begin with. He explained everything in clear detail and was very easy to understand. Surgery was very smooth and recovery time was great. From the first day I saw him to where I was completely 100% able to use my wrist was a 3 month period. I'm extremely satisified with how everything turned out. Dr. Fadell is a great doctor and surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone. :) ”

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